Optional items


Your new website needs to be hosted. If you already have a hosting package, and providing it is compatible, we can use that. Alternatively we provide hosting for £120 per year, on our own dedicated server in a British data centre. The package includes up to 99 email addresses and access to your own hosting control panel.

Domain name

Do you have a domain name for your new website? This forms the address for your website; if you don't have a domain name already, we can help you select and buy it. The cost of buying a domain name from a register varies depending on what you choose.


Once your new website is live we recommend that you sign up with us for monthly support as it will need to be kept up to date. We also create a full weekly back-up of your site so it can be easily recovered. Best of all you can call or email us for help and support anytime in office hours. The plans also include time for us to make additions, edits or whatever changes you want on your website.

These plans start from £50 per month. Find out more

Adding to your website

The way your website has been created means it can be easily modified. There are literally thousands of extensions which could be installed, adding to the functionality. For example you might want to add a shop to your website, or a community forum. Whatever you have in mind, talk to us and we'll be happy to quote.


It can be very difficult to come up with the right words for your site. If you need help we can strongly recommend Maggi Taylor who you can contact on 01372 842879.


Photography can make a huge difference to a website. If you don't have suitable images we can use photo libraries where costs vary, or if you need original photography that specifically depicts your business we strongly recommend Stephen Johnson stephenjohnsonphotography.com